Flooring, Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Stone


FlooringTile and laminate flooring gives you the greatest variety of looks with the least cost and maintenance. Easier to maintain and easier to repair than wood or stone flooring, tile/laminate flooring provides you with peace of mind while still giving your home the aesthetic that’s right for you. Installation is quick and easy, and any unsightly scratches or scuffs are as simple to fix as replacing a few tiles. The best value for a home on a budget!


Wood floors add a classic, warm look to any interior space. Choose from a variety of wood species, each with their own distinctive grain and color patterns to give character to your floor. Choose from the convenience of factory-finished wood flooring, or unfinished wood and select your own stain for a more personal touch.


Stone flooring combines natural character with unparalleled durability. From the formal elegance of marble, to the versatility of slate, a stone floor gives any room a sense of style that defies age. Perfect for areas of heavy traffic, where the scrapes, scuffs, and scratches of daily life can take their toll on wood or tile flooring. As a natural product, no two stone tiles are ever exactly the same, allowing for a unique pattern in every space.