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Replacement Doors

DoorsDoors and doorways are subjected to great amounts of stress on a normal day. Opening, closing, slamming, and scraping takes its toll on worn hinges, jambs, and latches, all of which eventually need to be replaced to keep them looking great and moving smoothly. In the case of exterior doors, a much-needed replacement can even save you money by improving the seal and keeping your heating or cooling inside the house where it belongs. The goal with door replacements, whether interior or exterior, is to keep the door opening and closing properly every single time. 

New Doors

A well-installed door will actually improve the life of the door and all of its parts. The stresses placed on a door that sees regular use are always worse when the angle is off, the hinges don’t fit tightly, or the latches don’t line up properly, weakening any seals and wearing down the frame and door components. We install your interior and exterior doors with an eye to the future, to make sure that any new door we put in will open and close without problems for years to come.